Security Systems for Home & Office Doors

The Guardman remote controlled door locking system for using on all types of glass, steel and wooden doors is one of the most innovative door locking system in the world ever developed by a group of professional electronic and mechanical engineers together with locksmith. This smart and secure locking system is not only unbelievably secure and safe for installing on the home and office doors against jimmying, picking, breaking and hacking by the professional experienced burglars but so robust and elegant that is specially designed for installing on the door surface as a very attractive and most wanted door electronic lock.

As the Guardman remote controlled door locking system uses remocon for opening and closing the doors, it is very convenience to open and lock the door for children and elderly even from a distance without needing to carry keys for security purposes.

The Guardman remote controlled door locking system can be installed together with any kinds of security automation system. It truly is one of the most innovative systems in the world.

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Wireless electronic lock device (Program registration 2005-01-219-000784)
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ISO 9001:2000 certification (VNZ)
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Acquired the FCC authentication of wireless product

Brief benefits of the Guardman remote controlled door locking system

· Complete supplementation of blind points in the existing door lock security
As it is installed inside the building, it's impossible to know from the outside if remote control lock key system has been installed or not. It is also impossible to undo the locking system or pick the lock, using electronic vibrators or digital door unlocking devices.
· Convenient operation by remote controller
One remote controller can be used at different places, and as one remote lock key can accept the maximum 16 lock registrations, it can be conveniently used by the extended family, or in the office or officetel.
· Easy and convenient installation
Due to the simple tape attaching system, it can be easily installed by anybody or anywhere, and no drilling job is necessary, so is the first in the world that can be installed on any kinds of doors such as home, office, shop, warehouse, etc both right and left hand doors. As the system is easy to install it can be detach from one door and move to another door.
· Reusability guaranteed

When attached or detached to the front door, no damage is done to the door or the locking system itself. It is economical, due to the reusability, even in case of moving the residence.

The Guardman remote controlled door locking system
Titanium color
Power Source
DC 3V (1.5VAAx2cells) or DC adaptor
Security Protocol
Ask Single Conversation
Remote control distance
10 meters for open area
Working Temperature
-20 degree centigrade to60 degree centigrade
Body Material
Aluminum Die Casting
Bolt Material
Bend Proof Alloy
Remote duplication
Necessary to Access the Lock
Keyhole exposure
No exposure what so ever out side door