GUARDMAN Manufacturing Company, headquartered in Seoul / Korea is the world's leading manufacturer and supplier of high-security electronic locking and burglarproof solutioni focused seriously on designing and manufacturing special top secure safe box, vault, door and bonnet inaccessible RF locking system to prevent breaking in through using special tools and skills and we proud to announce that GUARDMAN wireless network security can ensure your transmissions can not been intercepted, subjected to insider abuse, or disrupted by third-party conflicts.


GUARDMAN brand maintain their leadership positions through innovation and responsiveness to real-world security challengesM from mechanical locks delivering unmatched quality and value to complete electronic asset control systems, we are uniquely positioned to offer the perfect solution for every vault, safe, container, door and bonnet application.


GUARDMANis a technology leader in the worldwide security industry. An internationally active listed company. 


GUARDMAN provides innovative, comprehensive secure access control solutions for buildings, spaces and sites, as well as solutions for personal and operational data collection that meet customers' needs for security, organization and convenience. GUARDMANcan look back on long time of history, during which it has become a principal expert and technological leader for various security solutions


GUARDMAN is committed to being the leading provider of innovative electromechanical locking solutions and support, creating safety, security and peace of mind for the customers, while providing an environment that enables employees to contribute and fulfill their potential.

In every aspect of your daily life.


GUARDMAN products, services and solutions we offer are a growing part of your world. Chances are that today, our brand has helped you or those around you create progress.


GUARDMAN Solutions are powered by special supper secure wireless RF-based communications technology that transforms a device into an intelligent networked device. It lets you:



  • Lock and unlock
  • See who's accessed the lock
  • Unlimited remote access to your GUARDMAN System
  • Remote management tools
  • Ability to add over 10 components through one interface