Professional Security System for Banks, Gold & Jewelry stores





The first easiest way for burglars who are not familiar how to crack a safe or vault locks without any damage is using a lever to pry the door that 99% of the safes & vaults all around the world are vulnerable in some way and specially against door prying.


GUARDMAN safe doors close behind the safe body, providing different measures of protection. By comparison, most competitive safes offer just 2 to 4 bolts for their pry protection. *Based on a 59” tall safe.



GUARDMAN ANTI-PRY TABS keep your safe & vault doors secure and add up to 500% more strength to your safe & vault doors during a pry attack.


The other easy way to open a safe door is using the access holes that are already made on safe & vaults for accessing the mechanical and electronic locks on safes & vault doors within just Max. 5 minutes.



GUARDMAN ANTI-CRACK LOCKING SYSTEM keep your safes & vault door locks inaccessible and add up to 500% more secure to your safe and vault lock during a drill and borescope attack because of no real access to the locks.Since GUARDMAN safe & vaults are designed for inaccessible hidden locking system, so no access hole  for combination or other type of mechanical and electronic locks is already made on the door surface, in this regard the burglars have to drill the door surface to reach the safe door inside thus not only GUARDMAN uses PLATE gives you 6 hardened steel layers to protect your hidden and inaccessible lock but also despite GUARDMAN's doors being 4”or thicker with 3 layers of extra hard RC steel hard-plates that protect our specialhidden&inaccessible locks  so these double-sided rugged pieces of steel stop burglars from tampering with your lock and gaining access



Other way to open a safe & vault door is cracking the combination locks by professional tools like robotic crackers but even these supper smart robots can not be effective on GUARDMAN safes & vaults, since no accessible lock is installed on GUARDMAN safe & vaults, so no robotic crackers can be used for cracking the combination locks which are installed on the safe & vault door surface.



Access to the GUARDMAN special smart locking system is through the phone control locking system that can work with 1 top administrator 2 main administrators and 7 monitoring persons that provide the highest level of security in accessing the locking system, since  only the top administrator can set the 2 main administrator to access the locking system for opening and closing the lock and also 7 monitoring persons to receive the alarm notifications without possibility in opening the safe & vault locking system.


Any actions of two main administrators who are authorized to access the locking system are compromised by themselves as well the top administrator any time they send any order to the locking system and top administrator can prevent accessing or monitoring one or all who already registered to the smart locking system.


All controlling of the smart lock can be done by call the locking system inside the safe & vaults or through GPRS as well as calling or sending SMS with protected passwords.


One of the most important features in this special smart locking system is SOS code that is used by any of three administrators who are being coerced by one or more hostile persons. It is not only used to warn others and police that they are being forced to open the safe or vault door against their will but also the procedure of applying this SOS code helps the owner to survives from this coercing Typically